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This summer, dive into the world of design, decoration and styling with our Online Masterclass! 

Sign up before February 1, 2024, and enjoy five interactive online mentor sessions led by Jenna, the founder of Design School.

‘’From the very first module I knew that this was perfect for me, it was like it was specifically made for what I'm doing and it felt personal. To be honest I've Ah ha'd in every module, it's been the best thing for me’’ - Kellie, Student 


Fun, accessible and educational.

The Design School Online Masterclass is the perfect introductory course for you to learn how to create a home (and a life) you love.

This Online Masterclass will give you the step-by-step skills to create and embrace your own individual style via five comprehensive online modules (plus one BONUS module!). You’ll be supported by me, and a community of like-minded design-lovers, every step of the way.

One thing we definitely won’t be doing is making you a cookie-cutter designer. This course is all about sharpening YOUR style and opening your eyes to design concepts and ideas you may not have ever considered, big and small.

It's all about the details.

Upon signing up, you'll unlock five modules to explore at your own pace. This includes:

  •  Over 26 educational videos
  •  More than 400 pages of informative and inspiring worksheets, loaded with examples and step-by-step guides
  •  Real-life case studies
  •  Practical activities and quizzes to reinforce your learning
  •  A Masterclass Community to exchange ideas, inspiration, and projects
  •  A fancy Certificate when you get to the end (and everyone loves a Certificate!)
  •  1 Year access to the content.

And that's not all! If you enrol before February 1, 2024, you'll also get exclusive access to five live online mentor sessions with Jenna. She'll be there to answer your questions and share her personal renovation journey with the 'Castle House'.

Design School Interior Design

Module overview

Breaking down the fundamentals of interior design one module at a time:

Module 1: Planning
Start at the beginning! Learn how to plan and budget effectively. This module covers the importance of floorplans, scale, focal points, and keeping spaces multifunctional, all to keep you inspired, organised, and on-budget.

Module 2: Creating a Concept
Embrace your unique style! Discover how to find inspiration and create concepts for your home. We believe in practical learning, so we provide a customisable mood board for you to use.

Module 3: Lighting
Learn the importance of lighting! This module covers lighting placement, fixed and movable lighting, layering for ambiance, and ideas for different spaces like the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. We'll also debunk common misconceptions about home lighting.

Module 4: Colour
Explore the world of colour! Understand colour psychology, create mood boards, find colour scheme inspiration, and apply this knowledge practically.

Module 5: Styling
Master the art of styling! Gain 'Styling 101' knowledge, including styling with existing objects, enhancing visual impact in individual rooms, and tips on photographing your styled spaces.

Take a tour of our award-winning Canning Cottage. Understand the thoughtful choices behind creating a space for pure relaxation. This module ties together the knowledge from the first five modules, showing you the practical application of what you've learned.

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 "I couldn't offer any ideas on how this course could be improved. It's very well thought out and perfectly detailed’’ 

  -  Kaitlyn, Masterclass Student

Hi, I'm Jenna

A mum to two young kids, a wife to Josh, and the founder of Design School. With over a decade of experience in interior design and as a fully qualified designer and educator, I've also made appearances on a couple of TV design shows in the past decade.

In 2018, Josh and I were honored to win the Residential Australian Interior Design of the Year Award for a project close to our hearts - Canning Cottage, a small space renovation of our own home.

As a passionate interior designer, I hold strong values in creating homes that truly resonate with the people who live in them. I'm excited to share my tips, tricks, and secrets with you to help you discover your authentic design style and move beyond trends and comparisons.

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$499.00 AUD

‘’To be honest I think the course is BRILLIANT and doesn't need improvements...I wish it went on longer, maybe?!’’ 
Sonia, Student


This Summer you’ll already be well on your way to planning out your dream interiors!

So join the Summer School, and let’s get started!