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An online course for design-lovers who are ready to dip their toe into interior design, decoration and styling!

“Your Home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” ― Nate Berkus

You love beautiful interior design. You love dreaming of beautifully styled spaces, perusing design mags, drooling over Insta interior feeds...and you look at these homes and think ‘I would love to do that’.

You know what? You can do it.

We’ve built our Design School Online Masterclass to meet you where YOU are:

  • Ready to design your dream interior
  • Ready to learn new skills
  • And ready to do something that’s just for you.

You might even be wanting to pursue your dream career in design (but want to check it’s the path for you).

Whether you’re looking to improve a new build or renovation or restyle your own home or rental, we know you’re ready to learn about GREAT design — something that feeds YOUR soul — in a flexible, accessible and fun way, so let’s go!

Design School Interior Design

Hi, I'm Jenna

I’m the mama of a toddler and a newborn, wife to Josh and your Design School founder. 

I have been working in interior design for over ten years; I am a fully qualified interior designer and educator. You might have even seen me running around on two or three TV design shows over the last ten years...

Recently Josh and I won the 2018 Residential Australian Interior Design of the Year Award for a project very close to our hearts – the gorgeous Canning Cottage – a small space renovation in our own home.  

The Design School Online Masterclass is the perfect introductory course for you to learn how to create a home (and a life) you love.

This Online Masterclass will give you the step-by-step skills to create and embrace your own individual style via five comprehensive online modules (plus one BONUS module!). You’ll be supported by me, and a community of like-minded design-lovers, every step of the way.

One thing we definitely won’t be doing is making you a cookie-cutter designer. This course is all about sharpening YOUR style and opening your eyes to design concepts and ideas you may not have ever considered, big and small.

And I’d love you to join us next time!

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The juicy details: 

Through educational videos, detailed and inspiring worksheets (choc-full of examples and step-by-step guides), real-life case studies and weekly Facebook live catch ups, Jenna will guide you through each of the five modules, with one new module released each week. The Masterclass may be run again 2020.  Sign up to stay in touch and find out when we open Masterclass again.

Module 1: Planning
The only way to start the start! Learn how to plan and budget like a boss. In this module, you’ll learn about the importance of floorplans, scale and focal points, as well as how to keep your spaces multifunctional. We’ll keep you inspired, organised and on-budget!

Module 2: Creating a Concept
Coco Chanel said, “don’t be like the rest of them, darling”. Learn to embrace your own style, find inspiration and draw up concepts for your home. We’re all about practical learning at Design School, so we’ve even mocked up a completely customisable and editable mood board for you to use.

Module 3: Lighting 
Whoever knew this was so important, right?  We’ll teach you about lighting placement (including how to tell your sparky where you want your lights!), fixed and movable lighting, layering lighting to enhance the feel of your spaces and give you ideas for different spaces like your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. We’ll also shed some light [pun intended] on common misconceptions with lighting your home.

Module 4: Colour
We also like to call this module ‘how to give us all the feels’! In this module, you’ll learn about colour psychology, mood boarding with colour and colour scheme inspiration, and how to put that knowledge into practice.

Module 5: Styling
This goes with that goes with this goes with that! We’ll feed you all of our ‘Styling 101’ knowledge in this module, including styling with objects you already have, styling individual rooms and areas for maximum visual impact, and we’ll even show you how to photograph them! And as an extra, Jenna will take you through a LIVE styling session via the exclusive Facebook Group!

Sit back while we take you on a tour of our award-Winning Canning Cottage. Our dream for the cottage was to create a thoughtful space that provided pure relaxation, and a lot of consideration went into meeting the brief! We’ll take you through the reasons we made the choices we did, so you can see what it’s like when all the information you’ve learned in the first five modules comes together. We also have special surprise to show you – New Canning.

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You’ll also get:

  • Access to the exclusive Masterclass Facebook Group, where you can share your wins and be inspired by others, as well as having exclusive access to Jenna via a weekly Facebook Live.

  • A fancy Certificate when you get to the end (and everyone loves a Certificate!)

  • Lifetime access to the content. Did life get in the way of completion? No probs - you can dip back into it at any time — and when we release future modules, you’ll be able to build on your skills!
Stay in touch

Stay in touch and find out when we offer the next round.

Find out about future Masterclass’ , other courses and learn more about the Design School offers. 

Just one week into the Masterclass, you’ll already be well on your way to planning out your dream interiors!

So pull up a spot on the couch, and let’s get started! 

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